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Journal Entry: Mon Mar 31, 2014, 6:19 PM
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EDIT 4/5/2014- Contest winner below!

Whow were you expecting, eintein?

Back to more traditional journals I s'pose!
+info on the coloring contest!


Pokemon Beta:

I finnnaaally finished making updates for the rest of chapter 6, whew..! Now I can ride on buffer pages till just the end of May.
I hope you guys enjoy the chapter! Likely gunna make an announcement of a sort when its 4th birthday, April 25th comes along!
I'll have to make sure I script chapter 7 before I have to hiatus too bad then... x_X

Tale of Beingchu/Exchu:

Yikes, did I say I'd be updating this comic or something in February? Yeah, I totally didn't put birthdays, school, and other things into account. Oopsies. BUT I think I can say it'll update this week!! THURSDAYS and SUNDAYS!
Unless I decide to do something special in terms of how I present pages. Which I think might happen in the future...
So as I advertised in the start of the year.....go reread it if you wanna be caught up to the confusing as heck story, if it can be called one!


Are EVER and MOST ALWAYS open!
You can find the basic info here below!
Commission Prices by the-b3ing
Note me on here or email me if you're interested!
I don't really do points though, unless you're gunna tell me you have the monetary equivalent + the deduction dA takes. (so basically $1=100 points) in which case if you do, note me and I'll make a commission widget on my page with the set amount for the commission.

:star:The Cute Coloring Contest!:star:

Is finally over! Thanks to the 7 entrants! I'll be looking over them all and judging on the merits of each style over this week and hopefully have a decision on the winner (prolly update this journal) on Saturday, if not earlier!

In the meantime, have a look at the entries guys!

Bubbly Bros by kyrio    Being color help (mini text tutorial) by SpaceSmilodon    Contest thing- B3ing: Bros by Buizelfreak
Cute Coloring Contest by Flame-Shadow
Being-Lineart Contest by ShikaTheMudkip    Contest - Bros Lineart Coloured by LazuliLupin    Colors for Being by Solarcharm

:star:Other Prawjeckts ahnd stoof::star:

I've been revising a graphic novel script I wrote back in November; wasn't as painful as I imagined. I think though I'll need another pair of eyes on it. I already have someone picked out though, ahah. I'll ask around if I need more!
My goal is to get the script finalized by the end of this month. Theeen I can drop it like it's hot until June or somesuch...

I think I finally have it so you guys'll see me upload something every day this week. o.O
Most of it coming deep from within my heart, too. Or at least two of the uploads, anyway. I'm so silly with sentimentality, and usually I don't prefer to upload that kinda stuff, but I'm gunna keep with my resolution to be brave this year!
It isn't like you guys are judgmental anyway, ahaha. *crosses fingers*

College has been going good! The projects have been more time consuming than I thought, ahah, but they're better than essays at least.
It doesn't seem like I'll be doing as many classes in the summer, probably 2. I want to take more, but it seems I'd be left with taking an online-only art history class. Bleh. xD

Hope you guys in school had a good spring break! I surely did.

'nuff said,


:star::star:Contest Winner::star::star:

Firstly, big thanks to those 7 of you who entered! It means quite a bit!
Each one has a nice charm to them, but only one can take the prize!

...and it's a wee bit hard to choose.
In the poll, the majority vote clearly went to Spacesmilodon....and while it does look cute, I feel it is more leaning toward general coloring/painting than tailored to cuteness! (Though the pointers she was generous enough to give are quite helpful to me regardless!)

It kind of came down to choosing between miss Shika's, and Solarcharm's entries!
One one hand Shika's has more color variation and vibrancy, on the other Solar's has a nice crispness to it....
And while they both have eyes that draw me in, I have to say I am quite intrigued by Solar's way of coloring the eyes, though upon disecting both respective .psd files, it seems they have a similar way of coloring them, and Solar's just had more contrast and the U-shaped band of light around the iris. Haha, in a way I think I might benefit from combining elements of both!

But, in the end I think I'll choose the one who brought more to the table for me in the cute department, and that's......

Send me a note for what character you'd like me to draw all cute-like! :D
Thanks again for entering everyone!

Do you like chewing gum? 

11 deviants said Sure, but I don't go out of my way to get any.
10 deviants said Nah.
6 deviants said Yes, I have some on me often!
2 deviants said I have no opinion of it/haven't tried it before/don't remember my opinion.
No deviants said Huh? What other kind of gum is there?


The Being
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Greeting, greetings, to those who are so kind enough to read these ridiculous tidbits on my webpage~! :D

I still somehow like Pokemon, among other video games series such as Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, or Shin Megami Tensei.
I am aiming to spend my life doing art, and while I do not yet quite know what I am exactly going to pursue in the art field, my current project is to make and publish a graphic novel. (I'd been making comics since I was a kid...right now it just makes sense to pursue it.)

I like to keep myself doing a variety of things, however I tend to keep the medium of my work to digital; efficient, economic and environmentally good in the long-run...etc.
So you'll find about 70% Pokemon/Fan-art related things and 30% original work.
I aim to balance that out in the future; it is just that I've deleted a lot of my original stuff as it was out-dated.


Current Residence: USA-Florida
Favourite genre of music: Not country, blue-grass, or dubstep, please.
Favourite style of art: Hard to say...I guess I lean toward more believable/realistic styles with a degree of fluff.
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: I never watch TV anymore


:bulletwhite:= Done
:bulletgreen:= Finishing (75% done)
:bulletyellow:= Inked/colored/shading (50% done)
:bulletorange:= Sketched (25% done)
:bulletred:= Not started (0% done)
:bulletblue:= Left on the back-burner/Hiatus

:bulletwhite:Intake Oxygen: :bulletwhite:

Finished the first draft. Yuss.
:bulletyellow:Revise and edit:bulletyellow:

Pokemon Beta: Currently updating every Saturday!
:bulletwhite: Chapter 6 :bulletwhite:

Tale of Beingchu/Exchu
:bulletyellow: Exchu Part 2 :bulletyellow:

Other things that must be done

:bulletred: Must pay homage to the ones who are stuck at home through fanart. :bulletred:


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redliger 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the watch! I really like your comics and art style!
the-b3ing 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hahah, thank you! You have a neat style yourself; I remember reading your comic on Smackjeeves a while back, and huzzah, you're on dA too!
Staragon 6 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
the-b3ing 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Staragon 6 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
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