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Training by James-the-Typhlosion

Hey there James! Here's another critique; and before I go on I've gone and modified this image and re-drawn your characters to help sho...

Rick Portrait by DevenDesign

Cats! Cat pictures are a favorite by many on the internet. I'm a cat person myself! When I do critiques I don't want tooo much weight p...

Restless night by James-the-Typhlosion

I think this is my first critique ever? Hopefully it'll be a helpful one! :) I'll start by saying some disclaimers, one being that I won...


First things first- came back a few days ago from my trip to Texas, and I had really enjoyed my time! Got to eat at many local places, tried out Thai food for the first time and sorely miss it already, (will have ta find a Thai place here that was just as good) and had many, maybe too many, alcoholic drinks. ALSo watched Star Wars 7 on Xmas day, quite a good movie. I only have tiny quips that aren't significant.
If anything I'm surprised I'm not feeling down about coming back from such a good vacation. Perhaps I'm just proud of myself for being able to have afforded it off of the back of my art alone, and am looking forward to more independent ventures.
I got to spend Christmas with a good friend and my boyfriend, which we'd been wanting to do for years now.
I'm pleased! Pretty pleased.

Second thing second- I've finished my PKMN-A-DAY series, which has been such a good series to have uploaded every week, keep something going on my account to supplement any down time. I realize perhaps I could have done with uploading it more frequently- if you follow my tumblr, which you should, it's right here:
then you'd know I finished the series WAAAYY back in like June, because I'd done it practically every day since January of last year. Here's the grand big compiled version: 
151 PKMN by the-b3ing

Third thing third- you may have noticed I didn't have my annual big tree picture this year. There's a reason for that, beyond it probably taking way too much time-
I haven't really made any friends on here this year.
People I've met this year have been elsewhere on the net, like tumblr or twitter.
Kind of saddening, haha..friends seemed to come naturally here before. I didn't find anyone here that I wanted to be friends with last year.
Anyway, fourth thing, which is fourth-

Pokemon Beta will cease comic updates.
Here's the official post about that:
A farewell, a fond memory..! (Please read) by the-b3ing

It was a good project I learned a LOT from doing.'s ran its course. I've noticed as I worked on it I'm trying to rush through it, get it out of my way. I'm sorry to follow suit of my fellow comickers I've grown side-by side with, but it's time to just move on.
Leading me to my fifth thing, and last for this journal....

I'm going to leave deviantArt.
Maybe for good. :/

Why? Because...
this past year has been the best year for my uploads, best year for getting things done- best year of my artistic ability!
.......and nothing.
I've gotten nothing out of it here.
I've consistently uploaded 3 times a week for most of the year, both original and fan stuff, and nothing.
I've received far far far less comments than I ever have, I've LOST watchers as opposed to gained any, and, well.
This has left me stifled here. In just 2 years I've amassed more followers on other sites than I have here in the past 6!
Maybe it's because since this site is so focused on art, no one cares, fan art or not. It's oversaturated with it, perhaps? I don't know.
The majority of my friends I made over the years have moved on too. Folks who commented often have gone dark or possibly left too. People I grew up with, basically, gone off into their now-adult lives. And there's been no one to fill the gaps. (Doesn't help I've been making myself more busy)

Here, I feel like my art isn't appealing to folks. No one's biting. I'm in the same size pond I was in last year around this time. Except now it feels more empty. Maybe there's a bit of a drought. I'm not growing. There's been little in the way I can see for finding suitable ways to grow on this site. Even bigger more skilled artists I follow have been having a ghost town of sorts with their presence here.
I used to think "ah, well, it's just because they don't upload consistently, or respond to comments! I do that all the time, so, I'll be okay!"

That's not to say dA is bad, or it doesn't work for anyone anymore, either. It's been this way for me, and a few others. But not everyone, of course. And I'm glad it's not like that for everyone, and if you're an artist too, reading this, I hope you won't have to deal with this feeling either.

I've gotten a whole bunch out of this site. Many good friends and learning opportunities. I wouldn't be who I am without dA!
I've watched many folks come and go, for no reason or many reasons. Now, it's my turn.
This decision I had made at the start of December. But I've been thinking about this for the past third of 2015.

Don't feel bad that you didn't comment on my work, or couldn't commission me- no one's to blame for my experience with dA this past year except me, really. 
Connecting with people here isn't as easy as it used to be, compared to other sites I've grown a presence on.
And I think that's all I have to say...I'll upload a few more things here, and that'll be that.
I'll leave my gallery as is, though I suggest if you like anything in there please save/download it for yourself, because, if I evvver come back, I'm probably gunna delete everything here.
Though it's doubtful, I guess I could just make a different account if I come back to dA. Eh.

Perhaps I'm being a bit dramatic here. Couldn't blame you for thinking that's the case if you do!
But that's about all I have to say. My art doesn't get traction here, and like it or not, as an artist, I NEED popularity, a niche, a community to survive. And it's very clear to me that it's not gunna happen here.
Hope you all had a good year, a nice holiday, and I wish you all a greater new year!
I may pop back in once a month to look at folks who still upload, friends and what they've been doing, but that'll likely be it.

If you do genuinely care about my art you can follow me on my tumblr. <--i have it as archive just so you can see my work at a glance.


Ardent Being
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello there! Thanks for visiting and reading this! (Who does that anymore?)

I'm a digital artist who wants to do this for a living. Working at it every day.
I enjoy Pokemon if you couldn't tell,as well as other video games- rpgs mostly. (Don't have too much time to play them these days though)
Say hi, look through my gallery, or note me if you'd like a commission.


Current Residence: USA-Florida
Favourite genre of music: I couldn't describe them to you in one word or phrase.
Favourite style of art: Hard to say...I guess I lean toward more believable/realistic styles with a degree of fluff.
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPhone 5S
Favourite cartoon character: I never watch TV anymore

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I like pokemon as well, I have a pokesona thats a raichu. Thats how I found your account actually! Because someone drew a raichu picture for you and I was like whoa fab.
the-b3ing Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2016  Student Digital Artist
OH! Can I see this picture? :O Ive probably seen it but I always wanna be sure! itd be terrible if i missed it. x3
And thanks you!
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