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Surprisingly I haven't done a journal in 3 months, usually I'm better about that!
But hey I hadn't stopped uploading about 3 things a week so you guys know I'm alive. :)

SO the end of 2014 is just around the corner for all of us.
I'm going to do my best to make it a good month, not that I don't do that every month.
BUT I'm going to try to tick off the last bit of goals I'd set up at the start of this year, (which frankly, January 1st feels just like yesterday....)

Anywho! Project news!

:star: Pokemon Beta will stop updating at the end of this month!
Don't worry, the cliffhanger is just the end of the chapter. See it like a season finale, haha.
Unfortunately, chapter 8 hasn't been written. I've been thinking the next chapter won't be out until say March, as I'll need a month to write it, a month to sketch it, and then go gung-ho and get pages back up again. The worst case scenario will be its birthday, April 25th but I'll try my best to not let it take so long. So pretend I didn't say that!

:star:Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree....
As you all have known if you've watched me for 365 days or just around the winter times last year, I've made a tradition of making a ridiculously huge holiday tree and shove a bunch of people in it.
Many people have told me how much it means for them to see their character in the tree, and how it brings them joy and all that deliciously warm fuzzy stuff, and it's great to hear that. Over the years the tree and the number of people in it have grown, and I'm fairly certain there are maybe 40-50ish or so people to throw in there, now.

This is a seriously daunting task. I don't know if I can manage it this year. ^^;
I guess this is what I get for upping the stakes and trying to make it bigger each year, haha...
Because if I did do something, it'd be with far fewer people. (Like, 10, pretty much)
And I don't want to have people feeling left out. I 'unno. I can't guarantee anything.
Sorry friends! I don't want to say that as much as you likely don't want to hear.
Moving on-

:star:I finished the first chapter of my graphic novel, No One's Face!
"No One's Face? What is that and why should I care?" I'm rudely presuming you ask me!
And my answer is, it's a comic I scripted the past year and I finnnaaaallyyy started and finished the first chapter- 10 pages over the course of November.
Though I do wish I could have uploaded something so you could see some of it, I'm just sitting on it right now. Why?
Weeell because I don't know how I want to put it on the internet. Maybe I should make a dedicated website for it? Maybe a tumblr blog specifically for it or a wordpress site. Hum.
I guess I could just shove them on here. Hmm. At the very least the first chapter.
What's nice about this comic is that I actually can show it off to real life people haha.
I don't let anyone know I draw Pokemon comics outside of the internet. :P
What I think I'll do is save it for January, where there will be a drought on Saturdays due to Beta not updating. (Agh, I still need the title page to do anyhow)
This month I want to keep up the working momentum for the comic by sketching the second chapter on a less demanding basis.
After that, it's a little hard to say how much I'll be working on it when Beta begins to compete with it for time...

:star:Working on an E-book!
Yeaaah this thing has been on the back burner getting less-than-moderate attention from me since the summer.
But basically, it's a digital sketchbook that will have a bit of my commentary on it, like an insight to how I practice and work. It's looking to be 50 'pages' with about 20 extra pages. I hope to have it put up by the 25th.
As for the cost, if anything it won't be much. Less than $10 I'll say for sure.

:star:Super Smash Bros 3DS!
It's been one of the very few games I've been playing, haha. (Destiny being the other)
It took a little getting used to but it's a fun game. I was happy to see Pac-Man and he's one of my more used characters, along with Kirby, and Luigi. (Mr.Game and Watch, Ganondorf, and King DeDeDe are others I use)
I'm disappointed with the very lacking online options with the game though. The LEAST they could have done was implement a notification system when someone is waiting in the online lobby wanting to battle. :/
Anyway, speaking of games-

:star:How about a fun game of Outfox'n Boxes???
My friend kyrio made a rather fun weight-based puzzle game for android phone users, and it's free!
So if you have an android device search for it on the google play stor-
Oh wait I just did it for you!…
How nice of me.
Go on, play it already! I'm done with this journal. =P

Fav smash bros character to play as? (You can name one from any smash game) 

21 deviants said Oh, it's gotta be....(comment)
3 deviants said I've never played a smash bros game/not enough to pick a favorite.
2 deviants said Jeez, all of them! Too hard to choose!


The Being
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Greeting, greetings, to those who are so kind enough to read these ridiculous tidbits on my webpage~! :D

I still somehow like Pokemon, among other video games series such as Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, or Shin Megami Tensei.
I am aiming to spend my life doing art, and while I do not yet quite know what I am exactly going to pursue in the art field, my current project is to make and publish a graphic novel. (I'd been making comics since I was a kid...right now it just makes sense to pursue it.)

I like to keep myself doing a variety of things, however I tend to keep the medium of my work to digital; efficient, economic and environmentally good in the long-run...etc.
So you'll find about 70% Pokemon/Fan-art related things and 30% original work.
I aim to balance that out in the future; it is just that I've deleted a lot of my original stuff as it was out-dated.


Current Residence: USA-Florida
Favourite genre of music: Not country, blue-grass, or dubstep, please.
Favourite style of art: Hard to say...I guess I lean toward more believable/realistic styles with a degree of fluff.
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: I never watch TV anymore


:bulletwhite:= Done
:bulletgreen:= Finishing (75% done)
:bulletyellow:= Inked/colored/shading (50% done)
:bulletorange:= Sketched (25% done)
:bulletred:= Not started (0% done)
:bulletblue:= Left on the back-burner/Hiatus

:bulletwhite:Intake Oxygen: :bulletwhite:

Pokemon Beta: Currently updating every Saturday!
:bulletwhite: Chapter 7 :bulletwhite:
:bulletred:Chapter 8 (currently scripting):bulletred:

Tale of Beingchu/Exchu
:bulletgreen: Exchu Part 2 :bulletgreen:
:bulletyellow: Do team pics of 3 teams of Dialga's Guild:bulletyellow:

No One's Face
:bulletwhite:Chapter 1:bulletwhite:
:bulletred:Thumbnail pages for ch.2:bulletred:

Other things that must be done

:bulletred: Must pay homage to the ones who are stuck at home through fanart. :bulletred:


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Awwhh gosh that's amazing! Thank you so much! :D
I've shared the link with my readers on Beta's latest page. Very good article!
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