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August 23, 2010
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The Battle for the Universe by the-b3ing The Battle for the Universe by the-b3ing
This is it!
The ones chosen and destined to take part of the tale!

Read the Prologue first! [link]

The Chosen Ones

From Pokemon Omega- [link]
Light: Ronmas(Raichu)- Known as the Lord of Thunder from his world, he has been destined to combat the growing darkness that threatens the planet.
Dark: Rakki(Shadow Creature)- Unknown being that desires to consume the world- knows all too well to tinker with emotions of others.

From Pokemon Beta- [link]
Light: Barlo(Totodile)- An experiment of the infamous Trygon Facility, which questions it's many cruel methods and ways.
Dark: Xamad(Darkrai)- Experiment that reins powers over Time and Darkness. Its real ambitions are unknown.

From Just Gotta- [link]
Light: Reka & Mewthree(Golden Woman & Black Mewtwo)- The Queen of Numans and her Gaurdian who was originally made to fight against her, Mewthree.
Dark: Ven & Deoxys (Man in white & Deoxys)- A so-called 'traitor' by the group of legendaries and Deoxys, his follower.

From Shinka: The Last Eevee- [link]
Light: Nick(Eevee)- A prophesied hero who has lost his memory, however is a kind Pokemon who keeps to himself.
Dark: Fracteon- The legendary equilibrium Pokemon, which holds great power from all the evolutions of Eevee.

From Crimson Scars- [link]
Light: Akame(Quilava)- A young Pokemon that had to mature quickly to survive in the harsh world he soon found he had been living in his whole life.
Dark: Kurojaki(Umbreon)- A Pokemon which has gained power and controls a large group of Pokemon to take over the land.

From Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Tales- [link]
Light: Vexx(Bulbasaur)- Leader of the Greenfire Team, he claims to once be a human and now does what he can to help with the disasters in his world.
Dark: Roy(Houndoom)- Boss of a group of wrong-doers that have an alterior grand scheme.

From Time & Darkness- [link]
Light: Drei(Zangoose)- An explorer that likes to keep to herself. She can be very indifferent at times.
Dark: Fiend(Black Zangoose)- A shadow that lurks in the night, reeking havoc usually on rescue teams.

From CharCole- [link]
Light: Cole"Charlie"(Charmander)- An 18 year-old human that was turned into a Charmander allegedly by a machine made by his professor father. He has a strong sense of justice, however he sometimes can't control himself..
Dark: Maoh Magnificent(Mew)- A maniacal Mew that has existed for more than 2,000 years. He can altar his form at will, making him virtually impossible to track.

From PMD Team Friendship- [link]
Light: Pikapi(Pikachu)- a human that was turned into a Pikachu by unknown means. He is considerate and kind, and is part of a Rescue Team.
Dark: Gengar- An evil Pokemon that enjoys making others suffer, picking on those weaker than himself.

My project. Did it with Corel Painter Essentials for lineart, and Photoshopped/colored |D

Took me so long. This idea came into my head when I first made this account. But it grew.
What if, all of the main heroes of these stories came together? Interacted? Helped each other fight another's enemy? The thoughts raced through my mind.
Wonderful concept, right?

And yes, I know Dark Lugia and Ho-Oh are too small compared to the characters. |D It was hard to fit them in and make them the right size...

Pokemon Beta & Pokemon Omega (c) :iconthe-b3ing:
Time and Darkness (c) :iconflame-shadow:
Charcole (c) :iconkyrio:
STLE (c) :iconsilverlunarwing:
Crimsonscars (c) :iconjelleh-the-bean: & :icondr-jerk:
PMDTF (c) :iconoranges-and-pears:
Just Gotta (c) :iconvye-brante:
PMDT (c) :iconvexxblack:
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20945 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
This kinda reminds me of Dissidia.
the-b3ing Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Hahaha, it was inspired by it certainly~ :D
20945 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
Nice work. Hope you finish Act 3. Please finish it.
the-b3ing Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thanks! I only actually finished Act 1 so far! (Though I know what you mean.)
20945 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012
Xamad? Was he part of Beta?
the-b3ing Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Was, will, maybe!
Yeah I can say he is a character in Beta.
Zerodius Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012
So... a crossover of timelines, it appears.

I find it extremely ironic that the 'Light' side got a Mewtwo on it and that the 'Dark' side got a Mew on this side considering that the original Mew is Light herself and the original Mewtwo, Darkness himself.

... on another hand, multiple timelines, this is.

Of course, this version of Shadow Lugia is playing a dangerous game, having so many powerful high-level Fallen Legendaries on his side. If he isn't careful, any of them could hijack his position as the leader of the 'Dark' side. However, on the good side, he was smart enough not to recruit Mewtwo, Unown, Arceus, or Kyurem on his side (as if Shadow Lugia is evil, and he probably is, Mewtwo would have definitely hijacked him. Unown and Arceus are both so beserk and hate-driven as to be incontrollable and have the raw power to hijack him. Kyurem is the Pokémon equivalent of Ganondorf and likewise, would have probably hijacked him in time) so it is likely Shadow Lugia will remain the leader of his faction. Still, he should be careful.

On the light side, a severe lack of Legendaries. On another hand, this may work ; many Fallen Legendaries were defeated by mundanes in canon despite how unfair the matchs may seems at first glance. But with some luck, this version of Ho-oh will be careful to make sure to set up his/her own prophecies in a way that Shadow Lugia's champions do not get an opportunity to use their 'nuke city'-type attacks to one-shot them.

Considering your comic is already started, I guess I'll see for myself how things turn out.
the-b3ing Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Ahaha, it's a good analysis!

Though this isn't following any sort of canon much other than what comes out of my head;
The characters are mostly taken from other Pokemon comics I've read; So it is a crossover of timelines, per se, but really just a cross over of Pokemon comic characters. :p
323starlight Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I checked out pokemon omega but it doesn't seem to have had any updates for like 2-3 years why
the-b3ing Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Eh, the artist for it just had been busy to update it.
It will probably start again at some point.
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